Under the visionary, servant leadership of Dartanyon (DAW) Williams, DuckPond Technologies, Inc. is a Delaware‐registered S‐Corporation headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With a vision and mission to discover value seams and thereby design, develop, and deploy disruptive technologies that improve and enhance the quality of life, the Co‐Founders and Co‐CEOs, Matthew T. Butler, and Milton H. Kleinpeter, have coalesced to co‐create solutions in the technology space with Co‐Founder and Executive Board Member, Darryl G. Thornton. Combined, this leadership team possesses over 100 years of experience in technology, human resource management, administrative operations, senior executive leadership and management, transformative change, and entrepreneurial innovation.

DuckPond Technologies, moreover, finds its origins in the upbringing of its Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board, Dartanyon A. Williams . As a child, DAW would journey down a lonely road just outside of St. Joseph, Louisiana, to a rural area known as Duck Pond. There, DAW found the solitude and silence to develop his strategies for sophisticated white collar crimes, which he documented in his two-volume best-selling memoir, The Master Identity Thief. In adulthood, 25 years later, DAW returned to Duck Pond in August-2019 as the next step in his redirection after redemption.
He would now develop innovative and disruptive technologies to change how Americans – and the world in general – deals with identity theft, payment card fraud, check fraud, gun safety and control, vehicular identity theft, cybersecurity and other types of sophisticated crimes. DAW has masterminded solutions and strategies to stop criminals and protect consumers.
DuckPond has two distinct technology‐based products. These products are providential by design with a spirit of sovereignty in fraud prevention technology and technological innovation in the sports gaming application market, specifically geared towards the Hip‐Hop culture.
DuckPond Technologies is inspired and motivated, in part, by the technology industry that is ever evolving. The competitive edge and advantage of the company is defined by the innovative technologies it brings to the industry in various markets. DuckPond’s products and services are engineered from a futuristic perspective with the present in mind for adaptability purposes to market trends and changes. As a technology firm, DPT understands that competition is good for the industry, as it drives innovation to improve and enhance the quality of life from generation to generation. DuckPond Technologies, at its core, is endeavoring to overcome evil with good.