The experienced team of leaders at DuckPond Technologies represents more than 100 combined years of experience in technology, HR, administrative operations, law enforcement, and executive leadership and management.

Dartanyon A. Williams, aka DAW, is an innovative visionary and thought leader in the spaces of consumer protection; fraud detection, detainment, and determent; identity theft prevention; payment card fraud prevention; cybersecurity protection; technology disruption; game changing entrepreneurial analytics; social justice, criminal justice, and human rights reform; and vision casting. With more than 20 years’ experience as an expert in consumer protection, DAW is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors for DuckPond Technologies, Inc. He provides forward- thinking leadership to DPT, a software development company, which holds “10” pending patents of disruptive technologies in the areas of cybersecurity and fraud and identity theft prevention and mobile gamification. DAW is a Best-Selling Author, Strategist, Problem-Solver, Servant-Leader, and Catalyst for Change…

Dartanyon A. Williams

Founder and Executive Chairman, Board of Directors

Matthew T. Butler was appointed to the Board of Directors and serves as President and Co-CEO of DuckPond Technologies, Inc. effective January 1st of 2021. Matthew is a dedicated and highly successful C-Suite executive with over 25 years of operations, sales and strategy experience that help transform major organizations like the Shaw Group, AECOM and Jacobs Engineering Group into industry leaders. Mr. Butler has been responsible for developing key metrics in overall corporate operations, sales, and strategy within business units to achieve annual sale goals over $500 Million and operating revenue goals of $875 Million. Mr. Butler is no stranger to startup ventures. He led the startup of a new operating entity in the engineering business in Baton Rouge that has now doubled its revenue projections over the last 2 years.

Matthew T. Butler

Co-founder, President & Co-Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO), Member, Board of Directors

Darryl G. Thornton is a seasoned executive with nearly three decades of leadership in senior management and corporate positions, including BELO, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, the Associates First Capital Corporation, Frito-Lay Inc. He currently serves as Chief of Staff at St. John Church in and around DFW. A hallmark of Thornton’s professional career is the years he spent in law enforcement with a focus on financial crimes, as a police officer and ultimately as Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Thornton’s braided skillset, experience, and expertise in Administration, Equity and Human Resource Management, and Law Enforcement and Consumer Protection uniquely positions him to design comprehensive strategies to help revolutionize work in this area.

Darryl G. Thornton

Co-Founder and Executive Member, Board of Directors

Milton H. Kleinpeter is a seasoned professional with more than 25-years of experience at the company, state, district, and national levels. He is an accomplished, results-oriented executive with a passion for driving revenue focused strategic initiatives. With more than two decades of proven leadership, Milton has significant expertise in building strategic partnerships and supplier relationships while delivering world class solutions in the pharmaceutical industry. In his current role, Milton leads the company in fundraising, operations and business initiatives to ensure that they produce the desired results and are consistent with the company’s overall strategy and mission. He is responsible for launching DuckPond’s disruptive technologies across cloud, mobile and desktop applications. Prior to joining DuckPond Technologies, Milton served as Chief Executive Officer at Epione Biopharmaceuticals, where he led a world-class team in the development of non-opioid pain treatment while disrupting the cycle of addiction. Milton brings a blend of entrepreneurial skills and operational acumen.

Milton H. Kleinpeter

Co-founder, Vice-President & Co-Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO)

Sandy S. Fisher brings a wealth of experience across a diverse range of industries including banking, oil and gas, disaster recovery, engineering, and construction. She has a strong track record of launching and rapidly scaling up new programs and operations and helping clients solve complex policy and operational issues in the disaster resilience, response, and recovery space. Sandy has over 19 years’ experience supporting successful multi-billion-dollar programs and projects for government and private sector clients. She is responsible for managing the daily operations and facilitating the workflow between clients, consultants, vendors, and staff. Sandy’s experience with The Shaw Group uniquely positioned her to acquire a unique professional skillset, acumen, acuity, and fortitude to exceed senior leadership expectations, even in critical and/or crisis situations.

Sandy S. Fisher

Chief Administrative and Diversity Officer (CADO) and Executive to the Board of Directors

Laura K. Schexnayder brings more than 21 years in accounting, auditing, diverse tax, financial and business consulting experience to DuckPond Technologies while also serving as Managing Member of Tax & Financial Guidance Center, LLC, a Baton Rouge accounting, and bookkeeping firm. As CAFO, is responsible for maintaining DuckPond’s financial integrity and providing management control of financial requirements and resources. She has a proven ability to maximize profits through accomplishments in finance management, cost reductions, internal controls, and productivity/efficiency improvements. Laura’s deep experience with small and medium sized businesses, specifically start-ups, will fundamentally prepare DuckPond to realize its full potential in value creation for our investment partners and staff.

Laura K. Schexnayder

Chief Accounting & Financial Officer (CAFO)

Rev. Shelton Charles Dixon, aka, Rev. S.C. Dixon, possesses over 33 years of ministry and business experience in a variety of roles including President, Board Member, and General Secretary. In his current role at DuckPond Technologies, he is responsible for building relationships and supporting employees and their families to help advance the vision of the business by creating a safe space that helps foster a healthy and thriving workplace environment. In 1996, he founded the Greater Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, LA. In addition to overseeing the Greater Mount Olive family Mount Olive family, Rev. S.C. Dixon was recently installed as President of Louisiana InterChurch Conference. He is also the President of Louisiana Home and Foreign Missions Baptist Convention – a membership of over 300 churches throughout the State of Louisiana serving associations, congregations, communities, and countries through the transforming Love of Jesus Christ. Having earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Calvary Theological Seminary in Lake Charles, Louisiana he also received an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Christian Bible College of Louisiana. Amongst many accomplishments, Rev. S.C. Dixon was selected as one of the “Fifty Leaders of Tomorrow” by Ebony Magazine.

Rev. Shelton Charles Dixon

Staff Chaplain