Initial Product Suite

DuckPond Technologies, Inc. holds 10 patents pending for disruptive technologies in the area of mobile gamification, payment network security, cybersecurity, identity theft prevention, gun safety and control, and vehicular identity theft protection.

These are the initial three products that DuckPond has in development.

CNPN Bank/CNPN Data Code

  • Pioneering CNPN Datacode technology
  • Digitizing check authentication and funds availability verification
  • Developing foundational financial literacy (FINLIT) tutorial technology
  • Credit/Identity theft monitoring services
  • Money Transfer Services: CashFlow
  • Digital Wallet technology

Hip Hop Golf

  • The first game in a planned series of at least 10 Hip-Hop Sportz
  • Play sports anywhere in the world on smart devices
  • Games include virtual and augmented reality capabilities
  • Features Web3, MetaVerse and decentralization of user experience
  • Game includes Digital Real estate transactions, in-app purchases, etc.
  • Projected international release date : August 11, 2023


  • Delivering a secure, trusted, technology-first remote voting experience
  • Featuring end-to-end Asymmetry encryption digital transactions
  • Surveying and video conferencing with live remote voting on a single platform
  • Integrating 5 components of biometric technology for user-engagement authentication
  • Technology for public and private enterprises
  • Returning the power of decentralization in the hands of end-users